Position: Bass Player

Birthday: December 28, 1963

Home: Born in Bridgeport, raised in Trumbull and Wedgefield S.C.

Education: Technical Careers Institute, Housatonic

Hobbies: Music, Golf, Wii Sports and Sleep!

Influences: Jeff Lorber, Chick Corea, Bootsy Collins, Larry Graham, Stanley Clark, Wayman Tisdale, Marcus Miller. Oh yeah, Mike Loyd and Carl Carter!!!!

Gear: Basses - MTD635, Fender Jazz, Aria Pro RSB5, 4001 Ricenbauker
Amps - Aguilar AG-500, GK, Fender Jazzman, Peavey, Clarus
Cabs - Aguilar GS410, Peavy Black Widow 410, Hartke 15, Epiphani 10 and 12, Peavy 215
Fender Combo.

Websites: Facebook, My Space, Band Mix


Future plans: Solo CD ~

Favorite Quote: "The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not
protect you.